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We are a renowned antique auto restoration and custom fabrication facility located in Campbell, CA.

The time to restore your car is now. You’ve been looking at auto restoration pictures for ideas and inspiration. It’s time to stop turning your head every time you hear an antique car’s engine purr and instead be the one making heads turn! And the best part? Pumphrey & Co's renowned mechanical and fabrication experts can make your auto restoration process easy and affordable.

Pumphrey & Co is truly passionate about each and every classic and antique auto restoration project we perform. We are nationally and internationally known for our meticulous attention to detial, quality craftsmanship and unmatched personal customer service. Our expert team, lead by owner Matthew Pumphrey, will work with you to determine exactly how you want your car restored. We photograph and document each project online so you can follow along with your automobile’s progress!

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"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

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A short list of our specialties

Full Restoration

A full auto restoration entails completely disassembling the vehicle and restoring each and every part and system. This process limits ongoing maintenance and future restoration situations.

Partial Restoration

A partial restoration is an excellent approach for customers who heavily drive their vehicles but do not participate in automobile shows. This restoration process involves a variety of options.

Performance Upgrade

Our skilled technicians take their time to evaluate all installations prior to starting a job. Pumphrey and Co selects the best approach to achieve a combination that will exceed our client’s expectations.


Everything from a simple tune up to full mechanical upgrades. We provide concise estimates, and our quality assurance process lets our customers know that we will exceed their restoration expectations.

Body Work

The most critical stage for the custom paint job application is the preparation of the vehicle’s body. This phase must be planned and finished properly in order to achieve excellence.


Pumphrey and Co provides a wide array of interior services to our customers. We can design, fabricate and install the material you need for your interior and convertible top needs.

Our customers love us!

Matt is honest as the day is long. Couple this with the incredible attention to detail, outstanding craftsmanship and a immense breadth of knowledge of high end vehicles over the past century, and you have a restoration shop that knows what they're doing.

If you need any convincing about this shop's ability, ask Matt what cars he is currently working on. It is always fun to catch up regarding all the cars I cannot afford that he is always working on around the shop. Dueseys, Packards, Rolls Royce you name it!

The rates are fair and Matt is very upfront about the "unknown", which is the inevitable with older vehicles. If you want someone that takes the correct approach give Matt a visit!